Can I drive after taking CBD?

Absolutely! At least, according to Journal of the American Medical Association.

CBD popularity has grown tremendously and can be found in many different forms. From topicals to consumables to smokables, you can take it how you want it.

Generally speaking, smokables are the fasting acting, with sublingual ingestibles next, edibles following, and topicals being the slowest to act. The speed of efficacy depends on the journey the CBD takes to get into the bloodstream. Smokables act fastest because the compounds going into the lungs have direct access to the oxygenated bloodstream.

While all sorts of CBD users ask question about driving after taking CBD, smokers tend to be the most curious, given the closeness of smoking a CBD pre roll has to smoking THC-heavy marijuana.

While we obviously don't recommend dropping a hot cherry on your lap while you're ripping down the road at 80 mph, we also believe the Journal of the American Medical Association when they say you're driving won't be impaired just because you have CBD in your system. 

So, can you drive while or after smoking CBD? According to the study, "there were no significant differences between CBD-dominant cannabis and placebo".

So, rebels, that's a big fat yes!