Smokable CBD: What does it mean?

Pre rolled CBD joints are popping up all over the USA, and figuring out who has the CHOICEest can be kind of a drag, right? What if we told you that not only can it be simple but you also can tailor your smoke to get exactly what you like best from smokable hemp buds? Well, alright has all that covered. CBD, CBG and Top Shelf pre rolled joints created from seed to roll right here in the US of A! 

Welcome to alright nation

Our smokable hemp products start in a greenhouse where we are able to take advantage of natural light while controlling the climate around the plants. Along the way our growers work to protect the integrity of the terpenes as much as possible. The end result is a puff that is easy on the Earth while giving you what you’ve come to expect from your CBD pre-roll. The CHOICE line gives you the option for pre-roll that is either richer in CBD or CBG. Not to worry though, as the CHOICE between the two comes down if you want a calming (RELAX) or invigorating (UPLIFT) smokable hemp experience. These pre-rolls are for those just dipping their toes in the water. If you are curious about smokable CBD pre-roll joints, these are where you want to start. And if you’re familiar with the territory but new to alright nation, you can give these a whirl or you can move to the top shelf. 


Top Shelf for the Connoisseur

Our Top Shelf pre rolled joints are for those who want to curate their CBD experience even further. With a higher concentration of CBD, this pre-roll is meant for the connoisseur. The one who has already been around the block a few times and knows the deal. This CBD pre-roll is for you. A top shelf pre-roll that utilizes its higher CBD content along with terpene preservation to give you, the user, a full flavored experience that doesn’t miss out and doesn’t cut corners.

Puff with Pride

Regardless of where you are in your smokable hemp journey, alright has a pre-roll joint ready for you. Whether you are fresh faced and new to pre-rolled CBD and CBG joints or you’ve been puffing away for a minute and you’re ready to elevate your CBD game, we see you. We see what you’re looking for and we at alright aim to bring the very best CBD pre-roll joints and smokable hemp to the masses while taking it easy on our beloved Mother Earth. We love what we do. We are proud of what we do. We are so excited for you to join us on your smokable hemp journeys. Welcome to alright nation!