What are Hemp Terpenes?


Terpenes are present in countless plants on Earth. So why do we only seem to hear about them when we talk about cannabis and hemp? As cannabis (and all of its associated compounds THC, CBD, CBG etc) become better understood in mainstream, we learn about their impact on the experience of the user. Terpenes, by definition, are a vast class of organic  compounds. They do everything from attract pollinators and deter herbivores to affect the flavor and aroma of the plant in question. As one can imagine, cannabis plants are rich in terpenes. 

Once you know the broad purpose for them and their prevalence in cannabis, the importance of terpenes comes in to focus. 

Savor the experience

Whether you are smoking a CBD joint, hemp joint, or what have you, terpenes are the ultimate decider on a user’s experience. They are the source of distinct flavors and aromas that become synonymous with particular strains. Whether it’s a clear citrusy burst that recalls fresh lemons or the unmistakable alpine scent of pine, terpenes drive your adventure from first encounter. Much like with any other plant, the aroma will have a direct impact on the flavor. 

Imagine if chocolate tasted like a candy bar! Terpenes ensure that your buds taste as they smell in your CBD and CBG smokables. So much so that as the plant is harvested and processed, terpenes can be lost. By carefully handling the plant throughout the process, the terpenes are preserved. This ensures the full benefit of the plant.

Wait...So Terpenes are flavor?

hemp terpenes

Not only is the flavor and aroma essential to enjoying smokable hemp, terpenes have a huge effect on how the cannabinoids are absorbed into your body and the benefit they are able to provide. While you may end at your desired end result, calm, relaxed, grounded; the higher the terpene content, the fuller the effect. 

While the full spectrum of terpenes in cannabis are just now becoming understood, what is known is that they work in concert with the human body’s cannabinoid system. While it is still unclear exactly what they are regulating, it is clear that the end result for the user benefits on a physical level from their preservation in smokable hemp, CBG and CBD pre-rolls

The study of terpenes is at an exciting time. While there is much more to learn than what is currently understood, the early signals are positive. The flavor and aroma strength alone is enough to get any enthusiast excited. alright is here to help make sense of it all while bring you the best in premium and Top-Shelf CBD pre-rolls and smokable hemp.