'Easy Does It' is right!

Finally a jar of smokable hemp from your buds at alright! We are very excited to add this to our collection and share it with y’all. Why jars when the CBD pre rolls were already so tasty you ask? Well why not? Sometimes you don’t have the time or the want to sit with a pre roll. Our smokable hemp jars let you move at your own pace, really the name says it all. For when you just need a little nudge in the right direction, our Easy Does It smokable hemp is waiting for you. Grown with the love and care that you’ve come to expect from us, our Easy Does It hemp jar is meant for a pinch to go a long way. These are quality hemp buds kept in a convenient stash jar, giving you the ability to enjoy however you chose. You’re in charge, as long as you know Easy Does It. 

your ritual is your rite

Having an eighth of top shelf smokable hemp on hand might be just the thing you need. It allows you to have your own ritual, your own way to get alright. Easy Does It is our own trademarked smokable hemp strain. We’ve put in the time with this baby and love it so much that we want to offer it to you in bud form so you can enjoy as you please. Carefully cultivated in our greenhouse for optimal quality control. We even package with our smokable buds with terpene preservation in mind. Easy Does It comes in with 2.7% terpene content and 10.4% CBD. This gives you the ability to reap as many of the benefits of hemp flower as possible. This smokable hemp has s distinct pine and citrus flavors and with a lemony, grassy slightly funky aroma on the nose. Easy Does It makes for the perfect companion when you are in your ritual and taking your moment. It is the perfect bud for when you have a moment to sit back and let the relief wave over you.

Set yourself up right. You deserve to unwind at your pace in your own chosen way. Easy Does It smokable hemp jars pack 3.5g (1/8th oz) of top shelf hemp flower in sleek child-resistant jars that keeps the buds fresh and safe. Grab a jar and see for yourself that Easy Does It.