alright, here's the deets on our CBD pre rolls

CBD pre-rolls are the cheeky way to chill. Fully federally legal, our RELAX CBD pre-rolls bring a unique calm with all the flavor and aroma you would expect. Maintaining the integrity of the cannabinoids and preserving the terpene quality are key, and RELAX hits all the right notes. These CBD pre-rolls clock in with high CBD potency and are juiced with elite level terpenes to keep you in tune through the entire day. 

flavor to savor

alright prides itself in bringing top shelf hemp products to the people. Our CBD pre rolls are cultivated and crafted by the very folks who use them. Discerningly chosen flower goes into every single CBD pre-roll that we pack. While some of the benefits are still coming into focus, CBD has shown to have a myriad of positive effects for users. By preserving the terpenes in our CBD pre rolls, we give the user a richer draw as the flavors are at their peak while maximizing the benefit to you, the rebel. The RELAX CBD pre-rolls go a step further by highlighting flavors and aromas from the strain, giving a more immersive experience. 

caring cultivation

This careful cultivation helps to give you a mellow and satisfying puff that will keep with you as the day goes by. Our CBD flower is 100% grown and processed in the USA with only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%, as allowed under federal law). Using a greenhouse method, we work with our growers to ensure our strain of alright RELAX is grown to the highest standards. We are proud to produce our hemp flower using a greenhouse methodology as it allows us to have the both of best worlds between indoor and outdoor growing. The lessened environmental impact of our methods will help you stay RELAXed, knowing your CBD pre-rolls are made with Mother Nature in mind.

Each CBD pre-roll weighs in at 0.5g with 7 joints to a pack. This puts 1/8th of an ounce of CBD flower right in your pocket. Stored in an easy to use and child protective pack, ensuring only those of age enjoy our products. A pack of alright RELAX CBD pre rolls gives you a daily dose of chill in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way that keeps you stepping right on through your week. So grab a pack and feel for yourself how well you vibe with RELAX. 

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