alright, here's the deets

CBG pre rolls are an excellent way to enjoy the harmonic effects different cannabinoids have when working in concert. These hemp pre-rolls showcase CBG, a less prevalent cannabinoid that is still worth the while.

Using indoor greenhouse growing methods, we are able to tease this cannabinoid to the forefront while interacting as positively as possible with the environment. The use of natural light with indoor hemp flower keeps the plants happy while reducing energy use. Using an outdoor method would make it nearly impossible to ensure a consistently CBG forward product in our UPLIFT CBG pre rolls. This is due to the unpredictable nature of outdoor growing conditions for hemp flower. This level of control also helps to preserve the terpene quality your pack of CBG pre-rolls.

why CBG?

CBG (or Cannabigerol) is a lesser known cannabinoid that plays a critical role in the overall experience. Making up approximately 1% of a hemp crop’s make up, this cannabinoid is much more difficult to produce en masse. On top of shorter growing periods in between harvests, highly specialized equipment is needed for optimal extraction. All of this has led to a lesser understood aspect to hemp. alright wants to give CBG center stage, because as you will see, the extra work is well worth it.

The hemp industry’s understanding of CBG is beginning in earnest, and alright is making it the highlight here. Generally in the background to more prevalent compounds, CBG is the rhythm section to your hemp pre roll jams.

And much like a baseline or drumbeat, CBG manages to humbly press forward a myriad of benefits from the entire hemp plant. CBG is found to communicate directly with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, as opposed to the indirect contact that CBD and other cannabinoids have with the body. While the jury may still be out as to its full potential, there is no debate on the feeling one gets from UPLIFT CBG pre rolls. 

UPLIFTed Experience

CBG, typically, makes up a very minor portion or the overall cannabinoid make up of a hemp plant. Our UPLIFT CBG pre rolls are cultivated to contain 12.3% CBG to highlight the experience so, you, the user can feel the differences from the rest of the alright line up.

Each pack contains seven CBG pre rolls and 0.5g each. This comes out to the equivalent of 1/8th of an ounce in each pack. Our plants are grown and processed in the USA and are non-GMO.

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