Cream of the crop, elite, pinnacle. However you describe it, you want it. The best of what is offered. We call them our CHOICE top shelf CBD pre-rolls, and they are nothing short of that. 

Greater Than Great

We here at alright wholeheartedly stand by every single pre-roll we ship, but everybody secretly has a favorite kid, right? Well, don’t tell the others because the CHOICE top shelf pre-rolls are our pride and joy. Cultivated with an intent to deliver a recognizable experience that is consistent from start to end, these pre-rolls will prove that they are premier. 

They are made for those who seek the very best they can get their hands on, but do so without any of the pretension. It’s still the same ‘ol alright you know and love, we just elevated it a bit. We wanted to challenge ourselves to provide a product that would become a shining example of what it means to be a CBD and CBG pre-roll, and we think we nailed it.  If you’re the sort who likes to find the next big thing before it becomes the next big thing, these goodies are made for you!